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Voted #1 in SF Bay Area

Yoga for BackCare     

Since 1980, Bay Area doctors have ranked Evlaleah’s program #1 for improving the root causes of chronic spinal injury, bio-mechanical dysfunction and pain.

2-Hour Restorative Spine Clinic / Monday
Students luxuriously drape their bodies over props in pose variations that provide gentle traction and elongate the spine, open the chest, hips and shoulders, melt stiffness, banish aches and pains, relieve strain and mental stress, quiet nerves and tone the immune system. Schedule

2-Hour Spine Clinic / Tues., Wed. & Sat.

Learn the precise pose movements that safely align joint space and function, rebuild intrinsic strength, resilience and pliable range of motion (ROM) and empower / inspire you to transcend chronic neck, shoulder, thoracic, lumbar, hip, leg, arm and scoliosis complaints. Schedule

A Class Card entitles a student enrolled in Spine Clinics to attend any and all of the 4 weekly clinics at their convenience. Cards expire 6 months from the purchase date. No deferred payment or extensions, transfers or refunds.

2-Hour Private Therapy Consult

Therapy methods correlate dynamically to a patient’s chronic symptoms, pain and injury severity and disability. Mending the root dimensions of injury provides what science prefers - lasting benefit that averts degeneration and restores the life we prefer. Patients are taught how to master techniques that immediately relieve pain and enable the body to heal as they can move onto Spine Clinics. Bring a notebook/pen. Schedule


B.K.S. Iyengar

Named 1 of a 100 most influential icons of the 20th Century, B.K.S. Iyengar’s improved the lives of countless millions by his unstoppable efforts for humanity.

Senior Level Yoga Teacher, Trained /Mentored by Shri B.K.S. Iyengar to teach all student levels, dispense yoga therapy for orthopedic/spinal & systemic issues and train teachers according to classical means and the methods he elaborated.

Yoga for Back Care in America

On the behest of B.K.S. Iyengar, Evlaleah brought Yoga for Back Care to America/1980 after he mended her severe spinal trauma that otherwise would have left her paraplegic.


Strong research shows the therapeutic methods developed by Iyengar are quintessential for rehabilitating and remitting severe spinal injuries. These remodel and heal damaged tissues and realign spinal joints to lift compression. Posture, range of motion and bio-mechanical function improve dynamically. Students love how quickly pain disappears but especially hw good they feel!


Start Here

A student-patient’s overall severity: diagnosis and the number, duration & severity of their symptoms and their prognosis determines their starting point. The Pain-Scale on the FAQ page specifies whether clinics or consults are appropriate. Fitness or experience is not needed to start.



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To start attend Spine Clinics or Private Consults, answer the questions in the 3rd column of the FAQ page: titled: Starting Clinics or Consults. Submit answers via text or email. Thank You.

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YogaMedica Consult Project

In hours outside private consults and separate from consult fees, Evlaleah writes about the chronic ailments she has long treated, which her teacher asked her to elucidate. Her aim is to dispense info about self-help, yoga-rehab broadly for widespread global benefit. While all her works are her property and their publication her right alone, she may share her writing with student-patients if pertinent to their treatment. They can participate in her project by sharing their experience so others with the same or similar ailment can benefit.